Our list of services we offer to the great people of Cobb County. All of our services include 100% FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY. We are here to serve you and take care of all of your garment needs. To ensure your schedule and your appearance is Wrinkle Free.


Wrinkle Free Delivery is the 21st century way of taking care of dry cleaning. Our convenient, seamless process of taking care some of your prized garments and eliminating the extra errand to the cleaners is why we’re here. With our advanced technology you will be informed when your order is complete and delivered. Our software tracks every garment and eliminate incomplete orders. You will be able to take care of all your dry cleaning needs at a push of a button.


You’ll receive a specific Wrinkle Free laundry bag separate from your Dry Cleaning bag. Every order is separated by color and type and washed in separate loads. Orders are NEVER combined with other orders. Every piece of your clothing will be carefully folded, packaged and delivered to you. No order is too big for us. Give us your best shot!


You worked hard and dropped a few pounds now your favorite business suit is hanging off you. Let’s say you snagged your favorite sweater your grandmother got you. Give your favorites a life line. Our professional seamstress and tailors can repair or alter your favorite garments just in time of for your next big meeting.


Keep those sharp white lab coats looking professional and spotless. Whether you’re a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, dentist, lab technician, even medical school student our team here will keep you looking crisp.


Let us take care of those heavy duty uniforms. Don’t waste your time and potentially damaging or soiling your regular garments by washing your work uniforms in the same washing machine. We will keep you looking sharp and uniform looking professional. Whether you’re a Police Officer, Sheriff, Fireman, Animal Control, Military, or Uniform Personnel. Let us help add free time to your schedule we offer discounts for all uniform personnel.


We spend over half of our lives in the bed. Why not spend it in fresh linens? Let us take care of all your bedding needs and experience comfort of freshly laundered comforters, sheets and other bedding. Create a gorgeous ambiance with fresh, crisp linens that will put a white house dinner to shame. Take care of your home décor by treating window drapes, rugs and interiors.