Residential Amenity




Wrinkle Free Laundry offers mobile cleaning services to luxury residential apartments as a unique amenity for live-in residents.

Residents love the convenience of having dry cleaning and laundry services integrated with their housing.

It’s fast, convenient, and adds tangible value to your community. The ease of booking right from an app and leaving their laundry to be picked up in the lobby makes handling the day to day life simpler.

Dry cleaning isn’t anything new, we’ve adapted our lifestyles to fit this obvious need. Now, our goal is to adapt dry cleaning to our lifestyle.

With having support concierge, free pickup & delivery, and a simple booking process, we are able to transform the way we think and feel about dry cleaning and laundry.

We spend so much time going back and forth, we often lose the day taking care of this necessity. Now is the opportunity to put the power back into our hands and save our precious time.

Gain the competitive edge

Competing complexes in the area won’t be able to stand toe to toe with this high value amenity. Your potential residents wont be able to resist on-site dry cleaning. When they’re comparing reviews and rewards, mobile dry cleaning and laundry will separate you from the rest of the crowd.

Adding this amenity to your list of offered amenities will make your potential residents fantasize about the smooth lifestyle of luxury. Since pickup and delivery is free, residents will be living the life they’ve dreamed of while staying well under your care.


Sponsored resident events & employee luncheons

We love giving back, it’s our favorite thing. Whether it’s giving back your clothes in Wrinkle Free fashion or giving back to our loyal communities. We often send your concierge staff and residents thank you gifts.

It means the world to us to have supportive customers and staff. Don’t be surprised when we call ahead to let you know lunch is on us! We know and appreciate how hard your staff works.


Exclusive discounts for residents & staff

Residents and staff can enjoy exclusive discounts for being affiliated with your residential community. We’re generous people and love a win-win situation for all parties involved, including your beloved staff.

Should they need our services, they will be given an exclusive discount code that will be specific to your community. We ask to be notified of any changes in employment status to ensure integrity is being maintained by our parties and yours. Ask us about our employee program for more details

Reach out anytime if you have any questions